Home Of The First Multi-Positional Truly Open MRI in New Jersey
Welcome to Ocean Upright MRI, HOME OF THE FIRST STAND UP MRI IN NEW JERSEY where our goal is to provide patient care and service at the highest level available.

This state of the art facility contains the latest in diagnostic technology delivered to you by our staff of caring and experienced medical professionals. Our team of Board Certified Radiologists will work with your Physician to provide prompt and accurate diagnostic data unavailable at any other facility in the region.

Your comfort and well being is what matters to us. From the procedure itself to processing complicated insurance forms, Ocean Upright MRI will make every effort to turn this trying time into a pleasant experience.
Up until now, there wasn’t a way for a larger individual to comfortably receive an MRI. Now, with the Fonar Upright imaging system, a 500 lb individual can receive the scan without feeling cramped or closed in.

The Quadrature Head Coil can be used with the patient in either an upright or recumbent posture. Adjustable movement inhibitors keep the patient’s head immobilized throughout the scan. The large spaces between the coil conductors allow the patient an unobstructed view.

With the Whisper Gradients™ for quiet scans and a 42” TV right in front, patient comfort is priority one! Learn More    learn more...
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